End Users Have a Better Experience When Manufacturer Reps Are Involved

According to a recent report based on Gartner research, 75% of B2B buyers prefer a rep-free sales experience. At the same time, self-service digital purchases are far more likely to result in purchase regret. Ideally, a mix of digital information and human interaction seems to be the key in driving optimal purchasing decisions.

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Five Ways Having a Trusted Manufacturer’s Rep Improves the Buying Experience

Engaging with a manufacturer’s representative when making a purchase, as opposed to solely relying on digital transactions, can offer several advantages. Here are some reasons why it may be beneficial for purchasers to communicate with a manufacturer’s rep:

1. Product Knowledge and Industry Expertise

Manufacturer’s representatives are typically well-versed in the details of the products they represent. They also can have extensive industry knowledge and can provide insights into market trends, competitor products, and best practices, assisting buyers in making strategic decisions.

2. Customization and Special Requirements

If a buyer has specific needs or requires customization, a manufacturer’s rep can work with the production team to discuss options and ensure that the product meets the application requirements.

3. Product Demonstrations

For complex or high-value products, a manufacturer’s rep can offer live demonstrations, either in person or virtually. This allows buyers to see the product in action and better understand its capabilities.

4. Problem Resolution and Post Sale Support

In case of any issues with the product or the purchasing process, having a direct point of contact in the form of a manufacturer’s rep can make problem resolution quicker and more efficient. Manufacturer’s reps can assist with post-sale support, warranty issues, and any necessary follow-up.

5. Local Source for Assistance

Manufacturer’s reps often have a local presence, which can be advantageous for logistics, shipping, and communication. They may also have knowledge of local regulations and requirements. If on-site assistance is needed, a local rep is likely to be more readily available than the actual manufacturer.

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