Compact, High Volume Design with High Efficiency

Air Systems offers mixed flow fans from PennBarry. The patented design of our mixed flow inline fan combines the compact, high volume advantages of axial fans with the low sound and high efficiency of tubular centrifugal fans. Superior air and sound performance put this mixed flow fan ahead of the competition.

Performance Range
1,000 to 155,000 CFM

Lead time varies

Wheel Diameter Range
15 in. to 730 in.

Up to 200° F

Air Systems takes pride in providing exceptional customer service and the benefit of our strong application knowledge in mixed flow fan processes. Offering same-day quotes and installation as well as maintenance and in-house field service when required, we take the time to understand your process, challenges, and goals to develop a mixed flow fan solution that meets your specific needs.

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QUESTION: Do you have access to the wheel with this fan?

ANSWER: Yes, we can include “bomb bay” or clamshell access doors on these fans so that fan running gear (wheel, shaft and bearings) maintenance can be performed without taking the fan out of the stack/ductwork.

QUESTION: Are these fans available in spark resistant construction?

ANSWER: Yes, fans can be type C or B spark resistant construction by use of aluminum wheels and inlet cone.

QUESTION: Can your mixed flow fans be installed outdoors?

ANSWER: Yes, fans can be installed indoors or outdoors and if outdoors a weatherhood is used to protect the motor and drives.

PennBarry Blower

Versatility allows the PennBarry ESI inline, mixed flow fan to compete with any vaneaxial, mixed flow, or tubular centrifugal fan. The ESI Inline fan sets a new standard for performance.

  • Materials of Construction: Carbons Steel, Aluminum or Stainless Steel
  • Maximum airstream temperature: 200° F
  • Fan sizes: 15” to 73”
  • Typical Lead Time: 6-8 weeks
  • Spray Booth Exhaust
  • Building Ventilation
  • Laboratory Ventilation
  • Office Area Ventilation