Increased Efficiency with Lower Operating Costs

Air Systems offers swingout fans that are designed for fast accessibility to accommodate frequent cleaning. The swingout design also provides easy access to internal fan components without the need for removal from ductwork. Swingout fans are well-suited for handling rugged exhaust applications in a wide variety of environments.

Performance Range
1,000 to 130,000 CFM

Lead time varies

Wheel Diameter Range
24 in. to 73 in.

Up to 300° F

Engineered to be used in harsh applications with particulate in the airstream, Air Systems swingout fans are designed to be opened and cleaned with minimal downtime. The swingout design also provides easy access for inspections and their stainless steel construction stands up to corrosive air streams. Choose from adjustable slide base, pivot based, and two volt pivot-based motor design. Air Systems swingout fans are designed to accommodate large motor sizes.

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QUESTION: Can your swingout fans be spark resistant?

ANSWER: Yes, we can make the fans with AMCA type C or AMCA type B construction

QUESTION: Can door pivot right or left?

ANSWER: Yes, we can do right or left.

QUESTION: Can the fan operate in a paint laiden airstream?


Northern Blower

The Series 8500 Centrifugal Swingout Fans are ideal for applications where fast accessibility to the interior of the fan for inspection, cleaning and service is a needed. Series 8500 Fans are aerodynamically identical to the high efficiency Series 5000 standard configuration fan.

PennBarry Blower

PennBarry is a leading manufacturer of comprehensive ventilation products for commercial and light industrial applications. The line includes a full range of blowers, tubular inline, mixed flow, and plug/plenum fans to meet the basic ventilation needs of a day to day HVAC system or to handle the most extreme applications such as high temperature, corrosive chemicals, or spark resistant environments.

  • Paint Booth Exhaust
  • Automotive Paint Finishing