Highly Efficient and Cost-Effective Cooling

Air Systems is your source for a variety of Munters evaporative media for use where high efficiency cooling and humidification is required.

Air Systems proudly offers the following Munters media:

  • GLASdek™ (Fiberglass Media) – features UL900 rating for fire retardency
  • CELdek™ (Cellulose Media)
  • DRIFTdek™ (Polypropylene Media)

Munters media is Green-Guard certified and formaldehyde free unlike other options on the market.  Air Systems brings over 30 years of field experience and with Munters developed an industry first Water Chemistry Protocol that has proven to maximize media life.

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Please call our office @ (877) 627-1951 to speak with one of our Product Specialists to determine your evaporative media needs.

QUESTION:      What is the minimum order quantity?
ANSWER:      Full box shipment preferred but we always make accommodations! Let us know what your needs are and we’ll see what we can do.

QUESTION:      What is the standard lead time?
ANSWER:      4-8 weeks depending on seasonal demand

QUESTION:      What is UL900?
ANSWER:      UL900 is a United Laboratories standard for limiting flame spread.  In short, media that carries UL900 certification will not actively burn.

QUESTION:      Can you provide special sizes?
ANSWER:      Yes, special orders and sizes are not a problem and are actually the norm.

QUESTION:      Can you provide a protective edge coating?
ANSWER:      Yes, we can coat one or both sides of the media on GLASdek™ and CELdek™ only

Munters is the worldwide standard for high quality evaporative humidification media.  As a global leader in the development and manufacture of energy efficient humidification and cooling solutions, they constantly evaluate media markets and invest heavily in R&D to offer the latest in environmentally friendly, efficient and cost effective solutions.