Custom Coils with Quick Delivery

Air Systems is a provider of heating and cooling coils from industry leading coil manufacturers in the USA.  Air Systems has over 20 years’ experience in selecting and providing the correct custom coils for our customers new or replacement applications.

Air Systems offers the following types of heating and cooling coils:

  • Chilled or Hot Water Coils
  • Steam Heating Coils
  • DX Evaporator Cooling Coils
  • Corrosion Resistant Epoxy Coating Available

Our team at Air Systems has the experience and knowledge in place to provide long-lasting solutions no matter how harsh the environment.

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QUESTION: What materials of construction are available?

ANSWER:      Galvanized steel or stainless steel for frames, copper or copper-nickel tubes, aluminum/copper/stainless steel fins.


QUESTION:      What kind of connections are available?

ANSWER:      MPT, Victaulic or ANSI Flange.


QUESTION:      Are the coils drainable?

ANSWER:      Yes, headers have vents and drains to bleed both air and water out


QUESTION:      Will coils freeze in cold weather?

ANSWER:      Hot water and steam coils generally don’t if they are operating.  Chilled water coils are more susceptible to freezing if they are not drained or otherwise suitably protected by freeze stat instrumentation.


QUESTION:      What is Electrofin coating?

ANSWER:      The Electrofin E-Coat dip process is a cathodic system using electrical energy to apply an epoxy coating to the entire coil.

  • General HVAC for heating, cooling and dehumidification
  • Industrial Process Air in Paint Spray Booth Supply Air, Cooling Tunnels, Heated Flash Off Tunnels, Recirculating Filter Bag House, in-duct re-heat/cooling booster
  • Laboratories & Clean Rooms
  • Paint Mix Rooms