Dependable Performance for Low Leakage and Shut Off Applications

Air Systems single blade dampers can be built to fit any size air duct. They are ideal for low leakage and shut off applications and are a cost effective solution for high temp and paint laden airstreams requiring low leakage.

  • Applications: Solvent Laden Air, Paint Laden Air, Hot Air/Gas
  • Configuration: Round or Rectangular
  • Sizes: 6” to 120”
  • Design Temp: -32° F to 1200° F
  • Operation: Manual or Automatic – automatic can be electric, pneumatic or hydraulic
  • Material: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum
  • Leakage: 5% down to 0.5%
  • Type of Seal: Swing thru, Metal to Metal, Metal Step, Scissor Tadpole
  • Airflow: horizontal or vertical

Air Systems offers single blade dampers that are completely custom and specifically designed for the application. We have in house design staff for quick turnaround on drawings, and our team builds, assembles and tests every order in house for complete control over quality and delivery time. Air Systems always provides attention to detail in our proposals, engineering, and fabrication, as well as experienced field service.

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QUESTION:  Can your damper bodies be made to enclose the entire blade in the open position?

ANSWER:  Yes, we can build the damper so that the blade does not swing outside the body regardless of size or shape

QUESTION:  Can you provide a factory insulated damper body or provision for field insulation of damper body?

ANSWER:  Yes, we can factory insulate or provide provisions for field insulation.

QUESTION:  Can you provide special coatings inside and outside the airstream?

ANSWER:  Yes, we can provide a prime coated interior and/or exterior or any combination of special coatings inside or out including epoxy or powder coat

QUESTION:  Is Quick Ship option available?

ANSWER:  Yes and as soon as three days.

QUESTION:  Can you provide 3-D drawings in scale?

ANSWER:  Yes, starting Jan 1, 2019 we will be able to provide scaled 3-D drawings.

Industrial Metal Fabricators (IMF)

Air Systems partners with the IMF team to develop customized single blade damper solutions to meet specific customer needs.

  • Spray Booth Exhaust Fan Isolation
  • Dust Collectors
  • RTO (Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer) Systems
  • Oven exhaust for atmosphere or by-pass airflows