Automatic “Tee” and “Wye” Stack Low Leakage Diverter Valves

Air Systems offers diverter valves that are custom designed for in-stack volume control or duct system isolation applications.  The Air Systems diverter valve is our own special design eliminating the traditional two automatic dampers mounted in a “Tee” duct section and utilizes only one “flipper” blade damper and actuator integrally built into a diverter duct body.  We build our diverter valves in a wide range of shapes, sizes and materials of construction.

Our Diverter Valve design offers the following distinct advantages:

  • Custom design based on the application requirements
  • Available in mild steel, stainless steel and special alloy construction
  • Up to 1000F design available
  • Available for ultra-low leakage – less than 0.25%
  • Factory insulation and cladding of diverter body available
  • Maintenance friendly design

Air Systems has over 20 years of combined experience designing low leakage diverter valves, offering our customers industry leading drawing and delivery lead times.

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Help me choose the best Diverter Valve for my application

To start, please give us a few details about your application and we will respond within the hour to discuss options.

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QUESTION: What materials are available for the construction of my diverter valve?
ANSWER: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel or Special Alloy

QUESTION: How do I choose what material to use for my application?
ANSWER: Type of airstream and design temperature determine the material of construction. Our
experienced staff will assist in selecting the proper diverter design and material selection during the proposal process.

QUESTION: what is the highest temperature your Diverter can operate at with less than 0.25% leakage.

QUESTION: Can you provide an adjustable blade seal
ANSWER: Yes, both our metal and tadpole seat designs are field adjustable

QUESTION: what actuators do you use
ANSWER: we can supply electric, pneumatic or hydraulic actuators sourced from global manufacturers

QUESTION: Are the diverters factory tested prior to shipping
ANSWER: Yes, we mount and set the blade seal along with the actuator, limit switch and any accessories or instrumentation at the factory

QUESTION: What is a normal Diverter Valve lead time
ANSWER: Typically, 8-10 weeks after drawing approval but we do offer expedited delivery

QUESTION: What information do I need to provide to receive a proposal?
ANSWER: Duct connection sizes, airflow (CFM), type of airstream, normal and design operating temperatures, vertical or horizontal installation, actuator type

Industrial Metal Fabricators (IMF)

Air Systems proprietary designs are fabricated by the IMF team to provide our customers with a complete Diverter Valve system

  • Industrial Oven exhaust systems
  • Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) systems
  • Dust Collection Systems
  • Carbon or Zeolite Concentrator Systems for Solvent Laden Airstreams (SLA)