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The AK Steel Dearborn Works facility has a building they refer to as “DD”, which stands for “Double Dirty.” This building is used to unload train cars filled with the coal and iron ore used for steel processing at the plant. The environment is hazardous and extremely dirty, and the air is filled with fine … Continued

Air Systems has developed a new heavy duty round multi-blade balancing and control damper that provides industrial air system volume control without the need for inlet and discharge transitions. For optimal volume control with round ductwork in industrial HVAC installations, Air Systems offers a new round multi-blade control damper in both standard and heavy-duty models. … Continued

Since 1965, Air Systems has been developing process air equipment solutions for a wide range of industrial applications in Michigan and throughout the US. Through the years we have developed solid partnerships with key industry suppliers to offer the industry’s best equipment. While we are an all-inclusive manufacturer’s representative, we also serve our customers as … Continued

Ducted air systems in industrial operations are continually subject to the dynamic stress of fan vibration. This stress ultimately leads to increased maintenance, down time, and even premature equipment failure. Fan flex connectors offer the solution for these problems by providing flexibility along the fan duct system. The fan flex connectors effectively isolate and alleviate … Continued

Happy Holidays to Our Customers and Partners

The Holiday Season is upon us, and all of us at Air Systems are taking time to reflect on this past year with gratitude and appreciation. We realize that we could not have enjoyed the successes we’ve had this year without our many loyal customers and business partners. Now seems like the ideal time to … Continued

Variable inlet vane (VIV) dampers modulate the flow/pressure ratio of a blower from the inlet side. These dampers are used when applications require fan volume control (4 to 1 turndown). By controlling the rotation of the air entering the fan, the VIV can reduce fan pressure without impacting the speed of the fan. The variable … Continued

Overview: A local steel mill needed a dependable lubrication system for the railcars, conveyor systems, and dumping mechanisms used to move iron ore at their Dearborn Works facility. Dearborn Works is located in southeast Michigan, near Detroit, with carbon steel melting, casting, hot and cold rolling, and finishing operations. Air Systems was able to provide … Continued

Air Systems has positioned itself as not only a leader in processed air systems, but also an equipment solutions innovator. Our team’s most recent innovation is our patented gear drive damper. Having observed continual problems and maintenance expense with conventional mechanical linkage style dampers, Air Systems engineers set out to develop a new damper design … Continued

Air Systems is pleased to present our recently updated and redesigned website. The new Air Systems website features new and expanded information on our comprehensive line of products, manufacturers, and services. The new Air Systems website has been designed for easy navigation and to provide in depth information on our industry-leading equipment technology. Product lines … Continued