Industrial dampers play an important role in controlling airflow and maintaining optimal conditions in various industrial processes. These mechanical devices are designed to regulate the flow of air, gasses, or other substances in ducts, chimneys, and ventilation systems. Their proper functioning is vital for the overall efficiency of industrial operations. Common Problems with Automatic Industrial … Continued

How to Specify: Fan Flex Connectors

The use of fans in industrial applications is essential for maintaining a controlled environment, regulating temperatures, and ensuring proper ventilation. One important, but commonly overlooked component that plays an important role in the efficiency and safety of an industrial fan system is the flex connector. Specifying the right flex connector is essential for seamless operation … Continued

How to Specify: Industrial Humidifiers

Industrial humidifiers are used in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems of office complexes, as well as in a variety of commercial and industrial plants and facilities. Precise regulation of humidity is imperative in many industrial environments and for a wide range of application processes. Why is Humidifier Selection Important? Industrial humidifiers add … Continued

Whether in ultra-clean labs or heavy-duty equipment shops, industrial fans play a crucial role in the particulate collection systems found in a wide range of environments. In order for processes to run efficiently and effectively, clean air flow is imperative.  As a key component in particulate collection systems, industrial fans help to move air through … Continued

Air Systems is known, not only as a leader in processed air systems, but also as an equipment solutions innovator. Insulated Dampers are an area of expertise for the Air Systems team. Our field-proven dampers are used to control and regulate air flow through ducted air systems in a diverse range of applications.  Insulated Damper … Continued

Since 1965, Air Systems has been working to help customers find air processing solutions. Located in Michigan, the heart of America’s automotive industry, Air Systems offers a high level of experience and expertise in the development of comprehensive product and service solutions for the automotive industry. Automotive Paint System Solutions From Start to Finish Innovative … Continued

An area of expertise for Air Systems is developing comprehensive product and service solutions for industrial and automotive applications. This includes the engineering and design of small batch/Tier 1 paint and ventilation systems. Air Systems focuses on developing our customer’s in-house paint systems that contribute to a safe and healthy work environment through innovative ventilation … Continued

The AK Steel Dearborn Works facility has a building they refer to as “DD”, which stands for “Double Dirty.” This building is used to unload train cars filled with the coal and iron ore used for steel processing at the plant. The environment is hazardous and extremely dirty, and the air is filled with fine … Continued