Innovative Evaporative Cooling and Humidification Solutions

Air Systems supplies industrial humidifiers for evaporative humidification and Comfort Cooling, including from Media Based single bank, multi-bank, face and bypass, as well as air washers and spray coil design humidifiers. We offer individual or central feed systems and complete turnkey systems with humidifier and water train controls. Units can ship fully assembled or “knocked down” erector style for field assembly.

Our industrial humidifier design features:

  • Temperature & humidity control of up to +/- 1% RH
  • Custom design fabricated from either galvanized or stainless steel material
  • Media or spray style
  • Maximum airstream temperature: 150 degrees F
  • Unlimited Size and CFM
  • Typical lead time of 8 weeks

Air Systems offers the benefit of value engineered designs and over 60 years’ experience in the design, build, and servicing of evaporative humidification systems for industrial and commercial applications. We offer the ability to retrofit into an existing Air Handling Unit (AHU) or an Air Make-Up Unit (AMU).

See what we offer in Munters Humidifier Media also!

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QUESTION:  How much cooling will I get with evaporative humidification?

ANSWER:  There are many variables that determine how much cooling is achievable by evaporative cooling. An accurate calculation can be provided if given entering and leaving air conditions. However, rule of thumb is that 5-15 degrees F can be achieved.

QUESTION:  I need to control to +/- 5% RH.  What kind of unit is best for this?

ANSWER:  An optimal choice for +/-5% RH control would be a 4-bank unit, although performance depends on some other factors such as pre-heat control and entering air conditions.  Our engineers can help you decide what system will work best for your situation.

QUESTION:  I need very tight RH control.  What is the best control you can offer?

ANSWER:  A face and bypass design can achieve +/-1% RH control with proper electrical and water metering.

QUESTION:  Can I operate an industrial humidifier on city water or do I need treated process water?

ANSWER:  Yes, you can run an industrial humidifier with city or well water or a blend of city water and RO/DI water. However we would want to test your water sources to determine the proper cycles of concentration or water blend in order to achieve maximum media life.

  • Industrial and automotive paint spray
  • Commercial and Industrial building ventilation
  • Personnel comfort cooling for industrial and commercial factories
  • Paint Mix and Clean Room Air Supply/Air Make Up
  • Gas Turbine Air Intakes
  • Computer Data Centers (Facebook, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, etc.)