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Effective for the elimination of fumes and dirty air from a variety of processes, axial fans provide an efficient means for supplying fresh air. Axial fans also provide dependable performance when spot cooling is required. Air Systems partners with some of the leading names in axial fan technology to offer custom, made-to-order axial fans. Features include mild or stainless steel construction with indoor/outdoor design, rain cap/wind band, and vertical or horizontal air flows available.

Performance Range
500 to 110,000 CFM

Lead time varies

Wheel Diameter Range
12 in. to 73 in.

Up to 375° F

Air Systems places a priority on providing exceptional customer service, from same-day quotes and installation to maintenance and in-house field service if needed. Our team takes the time to understand your process, challenges, and goals to develop a custom axial fan solution that meets your specific needs.

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QUESTION: Is spark-resistant construction available?

ANSWER: Yes, Cincinnati Fan type B and C are available for this application

QUESTION: Can you use an axial fan in a wet air stream application?

ANSWER: Yes, Cincinnati WAF model is specifically for wet air stream applications

QUESTION: Are your axial fans available in direct drive?

ANSWER: Yes, arrangement 4 up to 150°

Northern Blower

Northern Blower’s axial fans are designed to provide general ventilation in industrial process applications. These fans can be constructed from a variety of materials, including mild or stainless steel, making them particularly suitable for difficult environments. Northern Blower axial fans feature rugged construction, ability to handle stack load, as well as complete access to internal running gear. Models: 7410, 7416


Cincinnati Fan

Axial Flow Fans or Axial Industrial Fans use a propeller to draw the air into the fan and discharge it in the same axial direction. The most common types of Industrial Axial Fans are: Tube Axial Fans (or Duct Fans), Panel Fans (or Wall Fans), Personnel Coolers and Air Circulators. Models: BAF, TAF, WAF, WAF/HTF, HTF, DDF, DDF2.0


PennBarry Blower

PennBarry is a leading manufacturer of comprehensive ventilation products for commercial and industrial applications. The PennBarry line encompassesmany well-known HVAC brands, including Bayley Fans, Penn Ventilation, Barry Blower, Industrial Air, and SupremeFan, many key products from these brands are still made available under the PennBarry name.

  • Paint spray booth exhaust
  • Air make-up
  • Solar panel test chamber cooling
  • Electrical equipment cooling
  • Fume exhaust
  • Parts Washer Exhaust
  • Dynamometer test
  • Wind tunnel test
  • Laboratory exhaust
  • Steam exhaust
  • Engine room ventilation
  • Marine service
  • Parts drying
  • Grain drying
  • Glass Tempering
  • Aeration
  • Personnel Cooler (Floor Mounted & Wall Mounted)