The Most Comprehensive Selection to Most Effectively Meet Needs

Centrifugal fans create a higher pressure airflow that is more steady than that of axial fans. Centrifugal fans and blowers are well suited to a wide range of application needs. Air Systems offers centrifugal fans from four of the leading names fan technology so we can provide you with a centrifugal fan catered to the application. Different centrifugal fans models offer unique benefits, so we analyze the application to determine the best option.

Performance Range
500 to 280,000 CFM

Lead time varies

Wheel Diameter Range
12 in. to 89 in.

Up to 750° F

Air Systems places a priority on providing exceptional customer service, from same-day quotes and installation to maintenance and in-house field service if needed.  Our team takes the time to understand your process, challenges, and goals to develop a custom centrifugal fan solution that meets your specific needs.

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QUESTION: What is your current lead time (CFV)?

ANSWER: 10 to 12 days

QUESTION: What is the CFM range of the fans you offer?

ANSWER: 148 CFM to 300,00 CFM

QUESTION: What is the temperature rating of the centrifugal fans you offer?

ANSWER: Daniels Fans goes up to 2,200° F

AirPro Fan & Blower Company

AirPro designs, builds, and delivers heavy duty centrifugal blowers and fans to both industrial customers and the OEM’s who supply equipment to industrial facilities. AirPro also provides service plus retrofit and repair in the field, not only for AirPro products, but also for products made by any other industrial fan manufacturers.

Cincinnati Fan

Cincinnati Fan manufactures the most effectively designed cast aluminum and fabricated steel industrial fans, blowers, and exhausters available. The Cincinnati Fan product line includes standard fans that range from ¼ to 125 horsepower. Cincinnati Fan is also the source for custom models, engineered to meet the precise applications needs and requirements.

Daniels Fan

Daniels Fans manufactures high temperature fans that are trusted by furnace manufacturers across the globe. This dependable line includes a comprehensive range of high temperature fans operating to 2200°F. Daniels Fans has been an industry leader and trusted name since 1977, offering four aerodynamic designs for furnace air recirculation, thermal oxidizing, annealing, waste recovery, and other thermal process applications.

Northern Blower

Northern Blower centrifugal industrial fans are specifically designed for challenging processes. Whether it’s high or low volume, high or low pressure, high or low temperature, clean or dirty gas streams, erosive or corrosive environments, Northern Blower has numerous centrifugal fan designs for infinite applications.

PennBarry Blower

PennBarry is a leading manufacturer of comprehensive ventilation products for commercial and industrial applications. The PennBarry line encompasses many well-known HVAC brands, including Bayley Fans, Penn Ventilation, Barry Blower, Industrial Air, and SupremeFan, many key products from these brands are still made available under the PennBarry name.

  • Process air exhaust/supply
  • Oven heater/exhaust
  • Flue exhaust
  • Building exhaust/supply
  • Air make-up supply