Custom Designed to Meet Specific Noise Reduction Needs

Fan noise is a significant source of noise that creates workplace health and safety issues. Fan silencers help to reduce noise issues and satisfy environmental regulation requirements. Air Systems fan silencers reduce noise levels without disrupting airflow and add very little static pressure to the system.

  • Standard fan silencers (including standard square for Filtra Systems)
  • Custom made fan silencers
  • Stocking program available

Air Systems designs and manufactures silencers for fan inlets, outlets, ductwork and many other applications.  We also offer sound deadening blanket products and vibration isolation.

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QUESTION: What materials do you use in the fabrication of your fan silencers?

ANSWER: We offer silencers in carbon steel, aluminized steel, galvanized steel, and stainless steel

QUESTION: To what noise level can you reduce fan noise?

ANSWER: We have had silencers get the sound down to 70 dba on fan applications.

QUESTION: How large a silencer can I purchase?

ANSWER: 8” – 120 “ in diameter in round or rectangular

QUESTION: Can you make silencers for high temp and wet airstream applications?

ANSWER: Yes, our silencers can be designed for these applications

QUESTION: Can you make a fiber-free air stream?

ANSWER: Yes, we can accommodate that need.

Air Systems manufactures much of our own noise suppression technology, including fan silencers. Reduction of fan noise is needed in a wide range of applications and requires products built with specificity and high quality to perform at peak performance.

Industrial Metal Fabricators

Air Systems partners with Industrial Metal Fabricators (IMF) for our customers sheet metal fabrication needs. IMF has over 15 years experience building standard and custom fabricated products for our customers utilizing highly skilled employees along with cutting edge technology and equipment capabilities.x

  • Environmental sound deadening