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The AK Steel Dearborn Works facility has a building they refer to as “DD”, which stands for “Double Dirty.” This building is used to unload train cars filled with the coal and iron ore used for steel processing at the plant. The environment is hazardous and extremely dirty, and the air is filled with fine … Continued

Ducted air systems in industrial operations are continually subject to the dynamic stress of fan vibration. This stress ultimately leads to increased maintenance, down time, and even premature equipment failure. Fan flex connectors offer the solution for these problems by providing flexibility along the fan duct system. The fan flex connectors effectively isolate and alleviate … Continued

Overview: A local steel mill needed a dependable lubrication system for the railcars, conveyor systems, and dumping mechanisms used to move iron ore at their Dearborn Works facility. Dearborn Works is located in southeast Michigan, near Detroit, with carbon steel melting, casting, hot and cold rolling, and finishing operations. Air Systems was able to provide … Continued