Lighter Weight and Less Torque Required for Greater Efficiency

Air Systems developed and patented a unique design that is cost efficient and offers long term dependability.  This patented design relies on rack and gear drive principles significantly reducing operating torque.  Our gear drive damper offers distinct advantages:

  • Highly cost effective installed solution for automatic dampers
  • Ultra-low torque design allows the use of fewer off the shelf actuators, reducing cost
  • Gear drive damper design can be used for new or retrofit installations
  • “Weldless Design” – uses bolted construction requiring no welding or touch up paint
  • Maintenance free

Air Systems Gear Drive Damper is completely customizable and meets or exceeds typical delivery requirements.  Our design allows quick turnaround of drawings and our team builds every order in house for total control of quality and delivery.  The Gear Drive Design has been in service over 13 years with over one thousand installed and none have been replaced to date.

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QUESTION:  Can overall large opening sizes be supplied with multiple smaller individual dampers to assist in field installation?

ANSWER:  Yes, we can build large overall sizes into multiple smaller modules that are interconnected in order to use fewer actuators.  We have built a 72” x 252” damper in three modular connected selections using only one pneumatic actuator.

QUESTION:  What is the maximum single damper size you can build?

ANSWER:  72” wide blade length x 120” total length using one only electric actuator.

QUESTION:  What actuators can be used with the gear drive damper design?

ANSWER:  Any actuator can be mounted but typically an electric or pneumatic are specified or supplied.

QUESTION:  Can a gear drive damper be made from stainless steel?

ANSWER:  As a hybrid, we can provide stainless steel frames, however our patented design specifically utilizes extruded aerospace grade 6061-T6 aluminum for the shafts and blades to reduce weight and operating torque without compromising strength.  We can provide anodized components to provide additional corrosion resistance.

QUESTION:  What is the maximum temperature rating for a gear drive damper?

ANSWER:  150 degrees F

QUESTION:  Can the gear drive damper design be insulated to prevent condensation issues?

ANSWER:  Yes, we can provide an insulated frame design that prevents condensation issues.

Air Systems, Inc.

Air Systems is proud to sell and service the best products in the industry to some of the largest companies in the world. Our patented gear drive dampers include the automatic gear drive damper with actuator and limit switches as well as the manual gear drive damper with hand quadrant.

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