Introducing Our Industrial Round Multi-Blade Dampers

Air Systems has developed a new heavy duty round multi-blade balancing and control damper that provides industrial air system volume control without the need for inlet and discharge transitions.

Round Damper

For optimal volume control with round ductwork in industrial HVAC installations, Air Systems offers a new round multi-blade control damper in both standard and heavy-duty models. This innovative new design eliminates the need for “square to round” inlet and discharge transitions that are otherwise needed for rectangular multi-blade dampers in a round duct installation.

Round Multi-Blade Balancing Damper Features

  • Eliminates need for square to round transitions
  • More efficient pressure balancing than round single blade dampers
  • Pressure drop and leakage rating equitable to rectangular multi blade balancing damper
  • Standard duty and heavy-duty designs available
  • Manual or automatic operation available
  • Custom sizes from 12” to 76” diameter
  • Available for ambient, low, or high temperature applications
  • Custom materials, options and accessories available

Air Systems is your source for custom dampers, manual or automatic, for a diverse range of industrial air process equipment needs. As your full-service industrial balancing damper supplier, Air Systems offers you the advantages of:

  • Custom design with quick delivery
  • Comprehensive custom manufacturing capabilities
  • 20 plus years of application experience in the Industrial market
  • Over 90% of orders are designed to customer specifications
  • Wide range of configurations, sizes, and materials
  • Proven quality and reliability with over 10,000 industrial dampers in service

The round multi-blade balancing damper is just one of the many innovative equipment solutions offered by Air Systems. Contact us today to discuss how we can meet your project needs.