Advantages of Gear Drive Dampers Over Mechanical Linkage Style Dampers

Gear Drive Dampers

Air Systems has developed a superior new approach to the control and regulation of air flow with our patented gear drive damper. The unique Air Systems gear drive damper is engineered to not only cost less by design, but also be more efficient in operation. 

The innovative design of our gear drive dampers relies on rack and gear drive principles, which significantly reduces the operating torque and component wear. What other advantages do gear drive dampers offer?


An important advantage of the Air Systems gear drive damper design is the elimination of the expensive high torque actuator that is typically required to power a linkage style damper. In addition, we use special materials of construction for each component to reduce the coefficient of friction. This means a more cost effective actuator can be used, greatly reducing the installed cost of this damper as compared to conventional dampers.


Our gear drive dampers are engineered to eliminate many of the ongoing problems and maintenance costs associated with conventional mechanical linkage style dampers. In fact, these maintenance-free gear drive dampers offer the lowest lifetime cost of any damper in the industry. Another advantage is that our “weldless design” uses bolted construction which eliminates surface corrosion and requires no welding or touch up paint.


While trying to replace an existing damper can be problematic, the modular design of our gear drive dampers means they are built to fit easily into an existing duct opening. Another advantage is our completely customizable design that can be used for both new and retrofit installations.


Air Systems gear drive dampers meet or exceed typical delivery requirements. This is due to the fact that our design allows for a quick turnaround of drawings and our team builds every order in-house for total control of quality and delivery.


After 17 years of manufacturing gear drive dampers, Air Systems has yet to replace a single unit, as compared to the typical <10 year life span of automated mechanical dampers.

The Air Systems gear drive damper is ideal for modulating air volume precisely to control processes such as:

  • Air Makeup Units
  • Data Centers
  • Paint Booth Volume Control
  • Building to Booth Air Transfer
  • And More

Contact us to find out if gear drive dampers are right for your needs. Our experts are ready to assist you in choosing the right product to fit both your application and budget.