Volume Control Without Need for Inlet and Discharge Transitions

Air Systems has developed a new heavy duty round multi-blade balancing and control damper that provides industrial air system volume control without the need for inlet and discharge transitions. This is highly cost-effective solution for round duct installations requiring volume control of airflow in the HVAC system process.

Our round multi-blade dampers offer distinct advantages:

  • Eliminates need for square to round transitions on the damper inlet and discharge
  • More efficient volume control than traditional round single blade dampers
  • Can be specified for manual or automatic operation
  • Pressure drop and leakage ratings comparable to rectangular multi blade dampers
  • Standard duty and heavy-duty industrial designs available
  • Available for ambient, low, or high temperature applications up to 800 degrees F
  • Custom materials, options and accessories available

Air Systems Multi-Blade Dampers provide excellent volume control for round ductwork in industrial HVAC installations. Available in both standard and heavy-duty models, this innovative damper design can be specified with manual or automatic operation, and in custom sizes ranging typically from 12” to 76” with larger diameters also available.

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QUESTION: Can this damper be made in Stainless Steel?

ANSWER: Yes. The damper can be made from 304LSS, 309SS, 316SS, RA253MA, Zeron 100 (to name a few) or from Galvanized, Aluminized or AR Plate.

QUESTION: How quickly can you build and deliver this damper?

ANSWER: After receiving customer approval drawings, we can typically deliver the damper within 6-8 weeks depending on the type of actuator.

QUESTION: What types of actuators do you offer?

ANSWER: We use electric, hydraulic, pneumatic and manual actuators from most domestic and global manufacturers.

Industrial Metal Fabricators (IMF)

Air Systems partners with the IMF team to develop customized automatic damper solutions to meet our customer’s needs.

  • Automatic air balance applications in General and Industrial HVAC applications
  • Ducted air stream isolation
  • Dust collectors
  • Paint Booth Process Air volume control and balance
  • RTO Abatement isolation and control dampers