Reliable Performance That Meets Spark Resistance Requirements

Air Systems offers Cincinnati Fan quality cast aluminum blowers for dependable performance as a cost effective alternative to fabricated aluminum fans. Cast aluminum fans feature a rugged look with an impressive surface appearance. These aluminum blowers also offer spark resistance for AMCA requirements.

Performance Range148 – 4,462 CFM
DeliveryCincinnati Fan Lead Time: 5 – 7 Days
Wheel Diameter Range3 in. – 18 in.
Temperature RangeUp to 400° F

Air Systems places a priority on providing exceptional customer service, from same-day quotes and installation to maintenance and in-house field service if needed. We invest the time it takes to understand your process, challenges, and goals to develop a custom aluminum fan solution that meets your specific needs.

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QUESTION: Is this fan available in a belt-drive arrangement?

ANSWER: Yes, it is available in direct or belt drive

QUESTION: Is this fan spark-proof/explosion-proof?

ANSWER: No, there is actually no such thing as an explosion-proof fan. These fans are built A, B, or C spark-resistant construction – per AMCA classifications.

Cincinnati Fan

Cincinnati Fan manufactures the most effectively designed cast aluminum and fabricated steel industrial fans, blowers, and exhausters available. The Cincinnati Fan product line includes standard fans that range from ¼ to 125 horsepower. Cincinnati Fan is also the source for custom models, engineered to meet the precise applications needs and requirements.

Models: All PB and all LM/LMF

Pressure Blowers – Typical Applications (high pressure – greater than 1.5in static pressure):

  • Pressurization
  • Electrical equipment cooling
  • Blow off systems
  • Ink drying
  • Combustion air
  • Aeration
  • Material conveying
  • Dust collectors
  • Fumigation
  • Induced Draft

Volume Blowers – Typical Applications (low pressure – less than 1.5in static pressure):

  • Induced cooling of AC and DC motors
  • Ink drying
  • Electrical enclosure cabinet ventilation
  • Inflatable play structure