Air Systems Is Your Source For Insulated Dampers

Gear Drive Damper 1a

Air Systems is known, not only as a leader in processed air systems, but also as an equipment solutions innovator. Insulated Dampers are an area of expertise for the Air Systems team. Our field-proven dampers are used to control and regulate air flow through ducted air systems in a diverse range of applications. 

Insulated Damper Applications

  • Automotive Airhouse
  • Industrial Air Makeup Units
  • Building to Building Processed Air
  • Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers and Paint
  • UV and Powder Curing Ovens

Two Types of Insulated Dampers

Insulated dampers not only reduce noise and condensation, they can also play an important role in OSHA compliance by reducing heat migration and the exposure of hot damper surfaces. Air Systems develops custom insulated dampers that are engineered to your specifications, and the size, shape, and materials of construction are determined based on meeting your particular application needs. Our insulated dampers are offered in either gear drive or linkage style configurations. 

Gear Drive Insulated Dampers

Available in manual or automatic configurations, our gear drive dampers deliver dependable performance and cost efficiency. This unique patented design relies on rack and gear drive principles, which significantly reduces the operating torque and component wear.

A distinct feature of our gear drive damper design is the reduction of the expensive actuator that is usually required to power a damper. Special materials of construction are used for each component, reducing the coefficient of friction and allowing for a lower torque value actuator to be used as compared to a mechanical linkage style damper. 

Linkage Style Insulated Dampers

Air Systems linkage style dampers are also available in both manual and automatic configurations. We offer vee blade and airfoil automatic dampers that are custom designed for specific applications and built for long term operation. Air Systems is your source for linkage style insulated dampers of every shape and size, and manufactured using materials of construction specific to your specific needs.

Our vee blade and airfoil manual dampers are well-suited for a wide range of volume control needs. Built to meet precise requirements, our manual linkage style dampers are made in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and materials, depending on the application requirements.

Gear Drive and Linkage Style Insulated Damper Features

Gear DriveLinkage Style
Manual or automatedManual or automated
Airstream up to 120 degreesAirstream from -10 to 1,200 degrees
No maintenance and longer lifeMinimizes heat migration for safety
Prevents condensationEnergy savings due to lack of heat loss
Installation savings as damper is pre-insulated prior to installOSHA Safety requirement – minimizes hot damper frames from being exposed
Weldless design requires no welding or touch up paintInstallation savings as damper is pre-insulated and clad prior to install
Sound absorptionInternal thermal breaks – limited metal to metal contact reducing heat migration
Clean appearanceClean appearance

In addition to 30 years of damper fabrication experience, Air Systems offers you the advantage of our industrial damper customization capabilities that we have through our own in-house engineering and fabrication facility. We are fully capable of designing and manufacturing dampers, as well as entire air processing systems for your specific application. Through our in-house capabilities we are able to better control quality and lead time, which in turn are advantages we pass along to you.

We are ready to help you develop the best insulated dampers to meet your needs. Contact us today to discuss your application.