When you have to turn down the volume without interrupting the flow of air, Air Systems can help. Air Systems designs and manufactures silencers for fan inlets, outlets, ductwork and many other applications.  We also offer sound deadening blanket products and vibration isolation. If sound attenuation is your goal, it’s loud and clear that Air Systems is your solution.

Noise reduction has a wide range of applications and requires products built with specificity and high quality to perform at peak performance. Air Systems is on the forefront of noise suppression technology and proudly a customer base in various industries.

Duct Silencers

Reduces duct noise in office rooms an plant work areas due to air movement in ductwork

Spraybooth Plenum Silencers

Installed above the booth ceiling and reduces noise into spray booth or working rooms from air movement in duct/plenum.

Fan Inlet/Dishcarge Silencers

Reduces noise from fan discharge