Heating and Cooling Coils

Heating and cooling coils need to maintain high efficiency and output in extreme environments, and Air Systems is a distributor of only the best products available. With so many different environments and corresponding materials on the market today, selecting appropriate heating and cooling coils can be difficult.

Our team at Air Systems has the experience and knowledge in place to provide long-lasting solutions no matter how harsh the environment may be. We work with some of the biggest manufacturers like Heatcraft to develop solutions for everyone from light industrial to heavy commercial customers.

Heating and Cooling Coils Selection

Air Systems provides computer generated coil selections based on your specific air tempering requirements including:

  • Counter Flow Chilled Water and Hot Water Coils
  • Distributing Steam Coils
  • Direct Expansion (DX) coils

Available Casing Materials

Stainless Steel
stainless steel

Available Fin Materials

Stainless Steel
stainless steel