Expansion Joints and Flex Connectors

The expansion joints Air Systems design and manufacture can take anything you can throw at them. Our experts have experience working with a variety of materials in demanding environments to ensure that our solutions fit your desired outcomes. Whether you’re looking to quiet vibration, relieve stress between connected components or any other specialized need, we can custom-build expansion joints and flex connectors to satisfy them.

Vibration dampening, multi-plane duct or component movement, duct or component misalignment, thermal growth of connected components, and stress relief of connected components are just a few of the problems we’ve worked with our customers to solve.

Criteria for Flex Connectors

  • Vibration dampening and resultant sound attenuation
  • Multi-plane duct and/or component movement
  • Duct and/or component misalignment
  • Thermal growth of connected components
  • Stress relief of connected components

Design Temperature

The temperature in which a system operates is the most important factor to consider when installing a new expansion joint or flex connector. Our team takes this and other factors into account when designing a proposed solution. Air Systems can insulate expansion joints in the following materials to ensure peak performance:

EPDM (rubber) for low tmeperatures
EPDM insulation

Teflon Coated Fiberglass for temperatures up to 650 degrees Fahrenheit
teflon coated fiberlgass

Padmaster (composite) for temperatures up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit