Designed for Flexibility and Rugged Durability

Air Systems expansion joints are designed and constructed for a wide variety of application challenges. Our expert team has decades of experience developing designs from proven material selections to ensure the correct product for our customer’s needs.  Our expansion joint capabilities include:

  • Each order specifically designed to suit the application
  • Multiple layer material compositions available
  • Temperature range of -40° F to 1200°+ F
  • Quick 1-2 day approval drawings
  • Quick delivery
  • One piece liquid tight design available

Whether you’re looking to reduce vibration or relieve stress between connected components, we can custom-build expansion joints to satisfy the most challenging of operation or installation applications. Our experienced team will work with you to determine the right product to meet your needs.

Air Systems partners with the Industrial Metal Fabricators (IMF) team to develop customized expansion joint solutions.

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QUESTION: What materials of construction are available?

ANSWER: Flanges can be carbon steel (painted or bare) or stainless steel.  Flex material can be EPDM (up to 300° F), Texfilm (up to 650° F), Padmaster (up to 900° F) or Extreme Hi-Temp (up to 1500° F).

QUESTION: Are flow liners available?

ANSWER: Yes, carbon steel or stainless steel available for both round or rectangular.

QUESTION: Is a leak proof expansion joint design available?

ANSWER: Yes, for applications up to 650° F.

QUESTION: What expansion joint sizes are available?

ANSWER: 6” – 89+” diameter or 6” x 6” to 120” x 240”+ rectangular.

QUESTION:  What is the temperature range you can provide?

ANSWER: -40° F – 1500° F

QUESTION: Can you do special offsets?

ANSWER: Yes, 1″ is standard but we can do 1/2″ up to 2″ when required.

QUESTION: Can you do special transitions?

ANSWER: Yes – straight or offset type, round to round, round to rectangular, rectangular to round all available in carbon or stainless steel.

QUESTION: Can you build an expansion joint with offset inlet and discharge connection?

ANSWER: Yes, we can build custom Offset Expansion Joints up to 1200F operating temperature.

QUESTION: Can you provide a replacement flex belt only to connect to my existing duct?

ANSWER: Yes, we can build any size or shape replacement expansion joint belt only for a wide range of operating temperatures and inlet/discharge offset conditions.

Industrial Metal Fabricators

Air Systems partners with the Industrial Metal Fabricators (IMF) team to develop customized expansion joint solutions.

  • Ductwork
  • Fans
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Dust Collectors
  • Ovens
  • RTO’s
  • Airstreams that have VOC’s or are Paint Laden