Airfoil Dampers

Airfoil Dampers can be built to fit any shape and size air system. Our experience and field research has provided us with the tools and knowledge necessary to build airfoil dampers to any unique set of criteria. Airfoil Dampers are ideal volume control and low leakage applications and are particularly suited to produce less turbulence and noise.


Vee Blade (V-Blade) Dampers

Vee Blade (or V-Blade) Dampers can be built to fit and size air system in a rectangular fashion, and are ideal for volume control applications. It is the standard damper to control or balance air in HVAC systems. Some of the industries we’ve built these dampers for are paint finishing and industrial HVAC.


Fresh Air Intake

Fresh Air Intake and/or Gear Drive Dampers are more convenient than certain others types, since they run on gears in order to open and close. These gears may be attached to a motor, which makes the system entirely automated. This is less work for personnel in industrial settings.