Evaporative Humidifier Media

Choosing the right evaporative humidifier media can have a serious impact on your bottom line, and that’s why it’s essential to use the very best. There are many different kinds of evaporative humidifier media on the market and our team of experts has the experience and knowledge to ensure that your working environment will operate in peak condition.

Air Systems is the exclusive distributor for GLASdek and CELdek evaporative humidification media in North America. With saturation efficiencies in the 90% range, Munters media has become synonymous with quality humidification systems.

Evaporative Humidifier Media Types

CELdek® Cellulose Media

CELdek evaporative cooling pad is used in systems where high efficiency cooling is required.
celdek1 celdek2

GLASdek® Fiberglass Media

GLASdek evaporative media is made from a flame retardant meterial fortified with special ridgifying agents. (carries a UL900 fire rating)
glasdek1 glasdek2

Media can be provided with a tough and resistant coating applied to the entering air side which allows for repeated cleaning without damage to the pad.
MI-T_EDG® for CELdek – Tufedg® for GLASdek