Inlet Vane Dampers


Inlet Vane Dampers (IVD) and Variable Inlet Vane (VIV) Dampers

Inlet Vane Dampers, Variable Inlet Vane, and Inlet Box Dampers are ideal for volume control applications. They turn a big fan into a little fan and will provide a 4 to 1 turn down while holding peak static pressure on a fan curve. We’ve built them for spray booths for automotive paint finishing, blow off systems, and fan inlet discharge.


  • Volume Control


  • Round

Blade Operation

  • Parallel


  • 16, 14, 12 gauge material
  • Alumunized, Galvanized, Stainless Steel, Other
  • 8″ Face to Face is typical
  • Punched or Blind Flange

Temperature Range (Materials Selected by Applications)

  • Up to 300° F


  • Ball swivel bar type with 7 gauge curved arm
  • Stainless Steel (SS) or Mild Steel (MS)


  • Cadmium Plated 1036 Carbon Steel or 304/304L Cold Finish Stainless Steel – 1/2″ or 3/4″ diameter continuous full length
  • Zinc Plated 1018 Mild Steel


  • Sintered Bronze Pressed in Frame (PIF)
  • Stainless Steel Pressed in Frame (PIF)
  • Bolted Flange Block Ball Bearing (Standard on Automatic Dampers)
  • Nitronic High Temp Bushing (Standard for Dampers above 900 F)

Extended Shafts

  • Less than 160° F not required
  • 160 – 1200° F Extended from Frame up to 8″

Blade Seals

  • Vinyl (low temp) or Stainless Steel (high temp)
  • Jamb Seals (Stainless Steel)

Shaft Seals

  • Adjustable Grafoil Packing Gland integral with frame
  • Outboard for Extended Shafts
  • Low Temp Neoprene Wiper Type Gasket (for automated dampers)

Manual Actuators

  • Hand Locking Quadrant
  • Worm Gear

Automatic Actuators

  • Electric (Open/Closed or Modulating 1-10/4-20 mA)
  • Operators: 24-220 1ΦAC; 220-440 3ΦAC
    • Spring Return
    • Electronic Failsafe
    • NEMA 4 – NEMA 6/7
  • Pneumatic (Open/Closed or Modulating 3-15 PSI)
  • Operators: Rack & Pinion, Vane, Linear, Diaphragm
    • Double Acting
    • Spring Return